Dave Blair is a NYC area singer/songwriter/guitarist that has a diverse range of influences but at his core is influenced by rock guitar and funky grooves.  That dynamic sound has caused fans and critics to draw parallels between Dave Blair and acts akin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Blair cites influence the likes of Van Halen, Santana, Hendrix, David Bowie, Niles Rogers, and more. As such, Blair’s diverse musical palette allows him to explore retro funk rock vibes with a particularly contemporary, fresh spin.

Newfest 2010 Portraits

Newfest 2010 Portraits

“…Blair’s electric guitar threatening to take off into the stratosphere.”

“…blends of soul, pop, alternative and even Latin in a very mature and adult way as befits a music veteran.”
– Tony Clarke, Maverick Magazine

His latest effort, ‘Not Afraid To Bleed’ was mixed by the legendary producer Ronan Chris Murphy, who has previously worked with King Crimson, Steve Morse, Gwar and other acts. Blair’s funk grooves are further accentuated by P-Funk All Stars / Woo Warriors bass veteran Donna McPherson, and the melodic, soulful vocal arrangements feature Scissor Sisters vocalist Bridget Barkan.

“But it’s probably Dave Blair’s distinctive guitar passages that will captivate you most. It may be a riff, a strum or a searing solo. Sometimes it’s subtle and colorful; at others it’s crunchy and dynamic, either way it will almost always leave your jaw on the floor. Dave is masterful here, as are the supporting musicians.” – Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Magazine