Why Should We Be, ‘Not Afraid to Bleed’?

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Why Be, “Not Afraid To Bleed”?


As you probably know, my second CD is.  called “Not Afraid To Bleed”.  Where did
that come from, you ask?  Well it comes from the line in the song “Nothin”. The
song is about perseverance and getting knocked down then getting up with even
more determination.  Why?  Because once you’ve been knocked down and
bleeding and come through it, you realize it’s nothing to be afraid of.
You realize that getting scrapes and bruises just comes with the territory of
pursuing your dreams and you just gotta take the hits and keep movin forward.  the anticipation of getting hit is usually worse than the actually bruises themselves.

That realization was quite liberating, so I tried to capture it in a song. It’s one
of the recurring themes in my music in general.  About how life can give you
challenges but getting through them, although painful, makes you stronger
and wiser!  In very personal tunes like “In Love With You” I really left tears on
the page, but in the end we all have to pick up and move on, which it what
“Blameless” is about.  Some people have therapy, others write songs.  Both are cathartic and most likely when others listen they can relate so the same types of loves lost, and life struggles and losses and inspirations and perseverance.  This outlook is in my nature and also the type of stories I hope my listeners can get some inspiration from.

I’ve seen listeners post quotes from my tunes on my Facebook feed and also tell me the lines in a certain song summed up something they went through.  Of course, from my experience, the more personal, the more universal.  That’s one common positive comment I’ve gotten from those in the industry, the fact that the lyrics are so personal and real.  We need more Real in todays words.  In music and in our personal relationships and society as a whole.

Now you may love my tunes or hate them but they do come from a real place and a love of music, and that’s about all anyone can be expected to do.  If you want to check out some of the dogs I referenced you can stream clips of them for free by clicking here.



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